Business Model Tuning

All companies have a business model. It's usually documented in the business plan and outlines the business value-add and addresses how to generate earnings.

Certain business sectors form communalities within the business model up to the dominance of a model in mature industries.

As such courage and innovation in the business model definition open opportunities to enter new operating areas and markets.

  • But what makes a good business model?
  • How to translate the model into a business plan?
  • How well are value, service and burdens considered?
  • How to predict benefit versus cost?
  • What investment is required?
  • Which risks are to be mitigated?
  • When will the break-even point be hit?
A clear and sound business model is key to success in business. Engraved into a sound business plan it sharpens management focus and generates investor trust by providing insight, how their investment will be secured.

Well thought out it lowers the risk of failure and accelerates meeting the set objectives.