Investment & Business Case

A Business Case is a common tool to help companies evaluate the economic impact of investment decisions with the objective to prepare the decision making for projects and investments.

  • How to structure a Business Case?
  • Who are the recipients?
  • What information is required?
  • How do I valuate & calculate the figures?
  • How to handle resistance and obstacles?
In many cases business cases are not raised. People are unsure how to calculate the yield and avoid the confrontation with their peers and managers due to lack of information.

A missing Business Case impairs the successfull transition of investment projects:

  • Requirements cannot be aligned and qualified to project objectives.
  • Project reporting and status ratings get distorted by translucent priorities.
  • Common requesr for additional budgets (CRs) fail to address their effect to the project success.
  • The project end is hard to delimit, hence timelines are not met.
Since every project aims to improve effectiveness, raise efficiency, or reduce risk in the end, companies miss out on significant opportunities to improve their results.