Focus Topic - The Cloud Evolution

Businesses have widely shifted their operations onto ERP systems and standard business applications, followed by the move to application management and outsourcing. The Cloud now offers new opportunities to reduce Cost and to achieve a competitive edge. Whilst established suppliers focus largely on infrastructure and platform clouds, the true change sits in the transformation to Cloud-based proscess solutions called SaaS (Software as a Service).

But what differentiates SaaS from On-Premise solutions?
How difficult is the transition and which advantages can be expected?
Do manufacturers risk their identity when critical processes get sacrificed to take advantage of cost-reduction potentials of standardized Cloud solutions?

What risks and opportunities arise from the Cloud market? What are the effects on business operations, processes and organisations?

In problem areas that lack perspective or progress, broad experience and a neutral outside view are key to success.

Rodiun helps you to

  1. find new perspectives and ways to develop your business
  2. resolve operational and project blocks
  3. increase the pressure on your competitors

With our experience in ERP and clound applications we help our clients to successfully shape the migration to cloud solutions: Cloud&ERP Services