• 11. Nov 2020
    Global S4/HANA brown field migration successfully delivered.

  • 5. Feb 2020
    Boehringer Ingelheim successfully starts it's new enterprise in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. In the smooth transition business transactions get executed from the first week.



  • 2. Dec 2019
    Rodiun wins new assingment at Boehringer Ingelheim. We will assist with their SAP S4/HANA migration, their move to Ariba CIG, and implementing SAP Fieldglass.

  • 6. Nov 2019
    Highly successful Template GoLive at Boehringer Ingelheim Canada. Under changed organization, and with new prozesses, data and systems lots of transactions were posted from the first day.

  • 18. Feb 2019
    Kick-off for the Global Template rollout for direct & indirect Procurement in Saudi Arabia.



  • 12. Dez 2018
    Kick-off for the Global Template rollout for direct & indirect Procurement in Canada.

  • 20. Sep 2018
    Ariba is the selected new procurement solution for Boehringer Ingelheim with the support of Rodiun to design and implement their global processes.

  • 5. May 2018
    Rodiun helps Hans Hirzinger GmbH to implement the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for their internet presence.



  • 11. Dec 2017
    The Fieldglass cloud platform goes live for hiring Temp Staff at Novartis Germany.

  • 16. Oct 2017
    The Fieldglass cloud platform goes live for contractor procurement at Novartis Germany.



  • 13. Nov 2016
    At Novartis Rodiun implements the cloud platform Fieldglass in a managed service model to strengthened their Acquisition of external services and temporary labor.

  • 24. Jun 2016
    Drive Innovation is the theme of newest engagement to develop new ways of procurement at SAP.

  • 15. Jan 2016
    Rodiun will project manage the reorganisation of Transactionalen Procurement at Sandoz/Hexal in Germany.



  • 22. Dec 2015
    Ariba P2P is now live at Teva/Ratiopharm in Ulm. Employees have placed their first orders using the new platform.

  • 30. Oct 2015
    The procurement of external workers at SAP SE has now been shifted to Fieldglass on Cloud. The 360 engagement-cycle solution directly connects suppliers and external workers in the sourcing & procurement process.

  • 19. Oct 2015
    Rodiun will conduct the Ariba P2P staff training at Teva/Ratiopharm in Ulm prior their commencing Go Live.

  • 12. Jun 2015
    The Temp Staff procurement at SAP SE was successfully moved to the Fieldglass Cloud platform. The shift includes the activation of new compliance processes to ensure policy adherance.



  • 6. Oct 2014
    For their SAP on Cloud initiatives, Rodiun supports the planning and architecture for the newest Fieldglass solution for External Workforce Management.

  • 26. Aug 2014
    A a further agreement was signed to support the ongoing operation of Audi's SAP SRM Procurement Platform.

  • 30. Jun 2014
    The SAP SRM based Audi Procurement Platform project was successfully completed and processes up to 1.000.000 transactions per year.

  • 4. Feb 2014
    Rodiun supports die SAP on Cloud initiatives to develop new capabilities for running business process solutions in the Ariba-Cloud.

  • 16. Jan 2014
    To leverage the full power of HANA, SRM now gets integrated onto ERP as part of the ERP on HANA programme at SAP.



  • 19. Dez 2013
    The new internet presence of Hans Hirzinger GmbH in Rosenheim goes online.

  • 30. Sep 2013
    Based on the Ariba Cloud platform the latest SAP engagement is to design the future process and solution design for the sourcing of external workers as part of the "SAP runs Ariba" programme.

  • 1. Aug 2013
    SAP AG in Walldorf orders the concept creation for connectinng the global Security Incident Management too the procurement process.

  • 3. Jul 2013
    In service for the SAP AG in Walldorf the feasibility for integrating the Tangoe Cloud platform for handling mobile devices and services is assessed.

  • 20. Jan 2013
    The Rosenheim waste disposal specialist Hans Hirzinger GmbH engages Rodiun to update its internet presence.



  • 12. Dec 2012
    The promotion of a common project delivery & reporting framework at Munich Airport comes to a successful end.

  • 24. Mai 2012
    Munich Airport enhanced the Rodiun engagement to push their internal project management.

  • 6. Mai 2012
    Challenges mastered - Rodiun yet again the sponsors dragon boat team 'U96 - without a paddle' at the annual Rosenheim race on Sept 22nd.

  • 13. Jan 2012
    Waste Management - Rodiun and Innflohmation renew the Internet-Presence of Hans-Hirzinger GmbH.



  • 28. Dec 2011
    Rodiun won yet another Contract to Extend Audi's SAP SRM Procurement Plattform.

  • 25. Nov 2011
    Breaking new ground - Rodiun presents the Book+App concept at Thalia bookstore in Rosenheim.

  • 11. Jul 2011
    Project organisation at Munich Airport. Rodiun wins new IT-Management Project.

  • 02. Mai 2011
    Kulinary Chiemgau - Rodiun and Innflohmation will launch yet another regional iPhone-App.

  • 06. Jan 2011
    Rodiun helps Audi enhance their SAP SRM procurement platform.



  • 14. October 2010
    New Cooperation with the Chiemgau Publishing Company on developing regional iPhone apps for print guides around the Chiemgau.

  • 17. May 2010
    Automotive Technology in Ingolstadt (Germany) - Rodiun wins advisory for SAP SRM Procurement.

  • 29. March 2010
    Bavarian State Garden Fair 2010 - Rodiun and Innflohmation launch the official Garden Fair Guide on the Apple iPhone.

  • 28. January 2010
    Rodiun helps a synthetics maker to get a Membrane Manufacturing Line of the ground.



  • 16. October 2009
    New partnership with Aktion-M for a structured approach to driving innovation.

  • 20. August 2009
    Finding a new approach to boost revenues from print media - Rodiun runs an assessment to rejuvenate an industry under pressure.

  • 12. August 2009
    Successfully completed coaching project for local cosmetics company.

  • 12. July 2009
    Our new website just went online. Featuring the new Rodiun design, our new face on the internet is now bi-lingual in English and German.

  • 30. May 2009
    Rodiun successfully completed the Hungarian SAP Rollout project of a global telecommunications leader.